$143 Sewer Drain Clean Special: Main Line Backup

Clogged sewers and drains are no match for ClearView Services


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Sewer Drain Clearing

Do you have a clogged sewer or main line drain? ClearView's Drain Specialists can unclog your sewer or main line drain for a special low price of only $143. We use a power auger in an attempt to quickly clear obstructions in your drain line and get your drain flowing again as soon as possible.

This limited-time offer includes:

  1. Attempt to clean a sewer or main line drain with outside accessible clean-out
  2. Camera inspection of drain line, which we’ll use to show you the condition of the pipe after the service is performed
  3. Extended 199-day warranty!

Clogged sewers and drains are the most common service calls we receive, so you’re not alone. Drain clogs happen for many reasons and backups can occur anywhere, from easily-accessed piping under sinks to further down the main sewer lines. Read more…

 Over 22 Years of Clearing Calgary Drains

ClearView Services has been providing drain cleaning services in Calgary since 1996. We provide training to certify our plumbers as qualified drain cleaning experts, which means superior service and cost savings to you.


*Applies to sewer and main line stoppages only. Price is per drain. Includes a drain clean attempt, not a guarantee. Drain must have an outside accessible clean-out. Technician will qualify the drain on-site. If the drain does not qualify, standard rates apply. In the event of a stoppage to the same drain within 199 days after the initial service, customer will receive up to 1 additional drain clean service at no charge. If a larger problem exists, the technician will provide a free diagnosis. Price does not include drain jetting.

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