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A high-efficiency air conditioner can provide years of cost-effective relief from summer heat.

When the first heat wave of summer hits you rely on your air conditioner to keep your family cool and comfortable. Don’t lose sleep at night tossing and turning because your house is too hot and uncomfortable to get a good night’s rest. ClearView Services has the knowledge and experience necessary to keep your air conditioner and HVAC system operating properly and efficiently all summer long.

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A/C Repair in Calgary

When your air conditioner breaks down it doesn’t take long for your house to start heating up, especially during an Alberta heat wave. If it’s the middle of the day your family can take refuge from the heat by leaving the house, but if your air conditioner breaks down at 1:00am you might be up all night sweating instead of sleeping. Luckily ClearView Services provides emergency air conditioner repair service to Calgary and area- even if it's just a thermostat.

Our qualified and certified technicians can work on and repair any make or model of air conditioner. At ClearView, we’ve been serving Calgary since 1996. You can trust the experts at ClearView to fix your AC quickly and correctly so you can get back to your normal routine.

A/C Maintenance in Calgary

One of the best ways to avoid having your air conditioner breaking down is to schedule regular maintenance checks and tune-ups with the experienced professionals at ClearView Services. Annual or semi-annual maintenance is the best way to ensure your air conditioning system is operating as efficiently as possible. When your air conditioner is running efficiently you save money because it doesn’t have to work as hard to keep your home or business cool.

Regular maintenance will also help your air conditioner last longer and remain reliable, saving you money over time. If you’re unsure whether your air conditioner is operating as efficiently as possible, contact the professionals at ClearView. We’ll evaluate your air conditioning system and help you understand how well your air conditioner is running and whether or not you need repairs, maintenance or a replacement- even air duct cleaning or a home humidifier would make a significant impact on your home's comfort.

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