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Do you or your family experience allergies at home? If you find yourself in a home full of itchy throats, watery eyes, and runny noses, it’s probably time to assess and address your indoor air quality. Like most people, you may think the disposable filter in your furnace is helping, but, in fact, it traps less than 2% of air pollutants in your home. ClearView recommends the installation of an electronic air cleaner attached to your furnace. These purifiers operate at close to 97% efficiency to clean the air returning to your furnace. Call ClearView Services today and schedule an Indoor Air Quality Specialist.

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Air Quality Services in Calgary

ClearView Services in Calgary provides residential and commercial air quality services to Calgary, Alberta and the surrounding area. If you are interested in learning more about UV light air purification, electronic air cleaners, and/or humidifiers give us a call today.

Our qualified and certified technicians work on all residential and commercial air quality brands and manufacturers. Our dedicated service technicians are passionate about air quality and will not rest until your home is free of mold, spores, dust and airborne particles. Calgary can be a challenging climate for some - we'll work to make you comfortable.


Even the cleanest, greenest homes can have air quality problems

The risks to indoor air quality within your home depend on the materials present inside your home, the types of cleaning products you use, heating system, humidity, the age of the home, and many other factors. The quality of air in your home is largely responsible for the health of you and your family. Even the cleanest and greenest homes can still benefit from an electronic air cleaner. Don’t take chances on your indoor air quality.
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  • Improve allergies and asthma by removing dust, mold and pollen.
  • Remove the harsh effects of cleaning products and fabric softeners.
  • Eradicate chemicals that seep into the air from the surfaces of appliances, carpets, paint and more.
  • Lower the number of viruses and bacteria your family picks up.
  • Keep your family healthy, happy and breathing easy.

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