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Dry air can result in health problems that range from sinus issues to dry skin and beyond. In addition, the lack of moisture can also damage home furnishings and wood floors.

Calgary, Alberta is a dry place, and while there may be benefits to living in a dry climate, dry air can significantly reduce your home's indoor living quality. Adding a central home humidifier to your household is an excellent way to significantly and dramatically improve the air quality in your home. For the best indoor air quality combine your new humidifier with a premium air filtration system.

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Central Home Humidifiers in Calgary

A central home humidifier will enable you to properly regulate indoor humidity, extending the life of any wood products in your home as well as cultivating a more comfortable, inviting environment. People that have recently moved to the Calgary area will especially appreciate the benefits that a humidifier can offer.

ClearView Services installs humidifiers in Calgary that can be integrated with your home’s heating and air conditioning system. The system will automatically monitor the humidity levels in your home, constantly adjusting the amount of water vapor that is released into the air. This way, the humidity level always remains constant comfortable in your home. Call the humidifier experts at ClearView if you aren’t sure what humidifier best suits your needs. Whatever your indoor air quality needs, we are here to help you find a solution, so call now!

Humidifier Maintenance and Repair

If you have a reservoir humidifier, regularly emptying the water reservoir, drying the bottom then refilling, as well as changing the filter (if your model has one), will help maintain your humidifier. If you have a flow-through humidifier, regularly changing the humidifier pad (at least twice a year) will greatly help maintain it.

Your ClearView technician can show you ways to best maintain your humidification system to prevent problems; however, when you do need a repair or troubleshooting advice, call your Calgary HVAC technicians, ClearView Services.

While you can take care of minor issues, such as changing filters on your furnace humidifier, if you suspect it isn’t working as well as it once did, it may require a professional repair. We can help you out with all your Calgary humidifier maintenance or repair needs, so call the indoor air quality experts at ClearView Services any time you need a service.

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