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3 Weird And Unusual Reasons Your Sewer is Backed Up

3 Weird And Unusual Reasons Your Sewer is Backed Up

Everyone at some point in their life runs into a plumbing issue. You can be the most responsible homeowner in the world and still suffer from pesky clogs. Clogged drains are a real nuisance and can be expensive, smelly messes. If your home is suffering from backed-up sewer or clogged pipes and you simply cannot find the cause, check out these 3 weird and unusual causes for your persistent drain problems:

  • Roots

Owning your home on a beautiful treed lot can feel like your own little plot of paradise…except when those trees start to stretch their roots and invade your pipes. Tree roots are a major plumbing issue that may require digging up your lawn, removing the root system and replacing the pipes. How does an entire root system end up inside your pipes? Unfortunately, the answer is “easily”.

When root tendrils are young, they’re small enough to fit into even the smallest cracks or fissures in your pipes. Once they settle in and establish themselves in their newfound home that provides them ample water and protection, they will grow and grow and grow until there is no possible way water and refuse can get through. If your root infestation is that bad, the only way to fix your problem is to hire a professional rooter service.

  • Animals

The idea of rats, mice, or (heaven forbid) snakes crawling up your toilet while you’re sitting on it is the very stuff of nightmares. Unfortunately, it could also be one of the reasons your drains are backed up. If you’ve been comforting yourself with the fact that toilets are connected to a long twisting network of sewers and pipes, and only a freak accident would cause animals to take a swim in your bowl, then we come bearing unfortunate news: There are actually several entry points for animals to easily crawl into. If you live in the city, your sewer pipes are connected to underground water systems, a place that rats love to call “home sweet home”.

Rats are excellent swimmers and incredibly agile, so crawling up the last few feet of your toilet isn’t exactly difficult. If you’re having a hard time getting your toilet to flush, you may have an animal infestation.

  • Unusual Objects

If you have a curious toddler crawling or running around your house, your toilet could be a major source of fascination; perhaps it’s the swirling water that disappears down a hole? No matter what the reason, kids sometimes feel inspired to test the toilet’s abilities by shoving non-flush-able items into the bowl and pressing the flusher. Don’t be surprised if your toilet paper disappears a lot faster than it should or if a pair of socks goes missing. Your kid might even lose a few of their favourite toys that way. If you notice this is happening a lot, childproof the lid and close the door. Teach your little one about the importance of maintaining proper toilet decorum. It might already be too late to save your toilet from an unfortunate clog, but hopefully, that will be the last time you have to call your plumber for this problem.

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