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$349 Residential Boiler Tune-Up

$349 Residential Boiler Tune-Up

Get Your Boiler Bubbling and Save Money on Energy Costs with a Tune-Up

What’s Included In A Boiler Tune-Up Service?

Whether you have a preventive maintenance plan or schedule a seasonal boiler tune-up, the tasks and purpose are the same.

The purpose of preventive maintenance is to extend the lifespan of the heating system, avoid costly repairs, increase energy efficiency for lower utility bills and to keep you warm and cozy in your home.

When you have a tune-up, there is a lot included in the service.
You’ll find that service technicians arrive with a long list of items to inspect, test, adjust, clean and possibly replace if needed.

ClearView Boiler technicians arrive with a minimum of 20-points to check during a tune-up.
Tune-ups should always be performed by a professional and require specialized equipment. As part of this limited-time offer, your ClearView boiler technician will check:

  • Safety: For safety, tests are run to check airflow for carbon monoxide and to check for natural gas leaks. All electrical wiring is tightened and inspected. Safety controls will also be inspected for proper operation.
  • Mechanical Parts: All moving parts will be lubricated. Upper and lower combustion vents, burners, blower motor, and blowout heat exchanger are thoroughly cleaned.
  • Operations: The ignition system is tested for proper operation, and the temperature differences for supply and return registers are measured for proper function. Both the thermostat and thermostat contacts will be inspected for proper calibration and operation.

By adjusting the burner, checking combustion leakage, and cleaning the internal components during a tune-up, your boiler will use less energy and operate more efficiently.

Maintenance Tune-Up With Our No-Breakdown Guarantee

We are so confident in our technician’s ability to rejuvenate your system we will guarantee that, if we service your unit we will catch any small problems before they lead to larger issues this season or we will return and refund your tune-up to be credited towards the needed repair!

Over 22 Years of Maintaining Calgary’s Boilers

ClearView Services has been providing boiler services in Calgary since 1996. We provide training to certify our technicians as qualified boiler experts, which means superior service and cost savings to you.