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Financing for Home Improvements

What to do when your tap keeps running, but your bank account is tapped out.

Now there’s a conundrum. But let’s face it. There are times when your finances may be temporarily under water, along with your basement, kitchen or bathroom! Now that’s not at all convenient. You could call up your banker and ask him if knows anything about plumbing, but he won’t. Or, you could call up Clearview and ask us if we know anything about financing, and we do! Sometimes it even amazes us how we know all this stuff.


Yes, we not only offer hassle-free, low-interest, same-day financing loan approval, but we have easy payment plans as well. You heard that right – we’ll not only fix your plumbing problem, we’ll help you pay for it, too. To which you might say, “Bingo!” or “Hallelujah!” or just plain, “Wow!” … and we wouldn’t blame you one bit.

We are one of the only plumbing companies to be offering financing in Calgary