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5 Signs Your AC Is Leaking Freon

5 Signs Your AC Is Leaking Freon

One of the most common issues your air conditioning system can experience is a Freon leak. Freon (more commonly referred to as refrigerant) works to cool your home by removing warm air from within your air conditioning system and relocating it outside. But for various reasons, Freon may begin to leak. Not only can a Freon leak cause performance and efficiency issues, but it can lead to serious health issues for anyone exposed.

Note: The word “Freon” is often used interchangeably with the word “refrigerant.” Technically, Freon is being phased out as it is linked to ozone depletion. If your air conditioning system still uses Freon, contact your local HVAC service provider.

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t have to refill or top-off the refrigerant in your air conditioning system.

Unlike gas or oil, refrigerant never runs dry – rather, your AC system continuously circulates it throughout its lifetime Knowing the signs that your air conditioning system is leaking Freon is important to keeping your home comfortable, and more importantly, keeping your loved ones healthy. Read on to learn how to tell if your AC is leaking Freon and what you should do about it:

1. Lower Airflow

When your air conditioning system is low on Freon or refrigerant, it won’t produce as much cool air as it usually does.
You may notice there is little to no cold airflow when you put your hand next to the air vents.

2. AC Blowing Warmer Air

Is your air conditioner blowing warm air? Are you noticing your home takes longer to cool down than usual?
Without enough Freon, the air flowing inside of your air conditioning system won’t be cooled efficiently so you may notice your air conditioner blowing warm air through the air vents.

3. Ice Build-Up on the Copper Lines or Evaporator Coil

A tell-tale sign of a freon leak is ice build-up on the copper lines or evaporator coils. When your system lacks the necessary refrigerant to cool your home, the copper lines or evaporator coils can’t absorb as much heat. As a result, condensation builds up and causes the lines or coils to freeze.

4. Higher Electric Bills

If you’ve noticed your electric bills are inexplicably higher than normal and you’re experiencing some of the symptoms above, a Freon leak could be to blame.

When your air conditioning system is leaking refrigerant, your system has to work harder to cool your home. As a result, your system uses more energy, which results in higher energy bills.

5. Your House Takes Longer to Cool Down

Refrigerant works to absorb heat from the inside of your home and move it outside. But if your system doesn’t have enough refrigerant, it won’t be able to cool your home as efficiently as it should.

Symptoms Of Freon Poisoning

Freon poisoning occurs when someone is exposed to large amounts of freon. Freon contains fluorinated hydrocarbons which can cause a variety of health issues. Because the chemical is colourless and odourless, it’s important to be vigilant if you suspect your air conditioning system has a freon leak. If you or a loved are experiencing any of these symptoms, they might be related to freon poisoning, and you should seek medical help right away:

  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Trouble breathing
  • Fluid buildup in the lungs

What To Do If You Suspect A Freon Or Refrigerant Leak?

Refrigerant exposure can be dangerous, so if you believe your AC is leaking Freon, contact the professionals at ClearView Services right away.

Your satisfaction is only second to the health of your family, which is why we provide 24/7 emergency AC services in cases where refrigerant leaks are suspected.

If you have concerns about refrigerant or other AC-related questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us by phone or through our website.

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