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Calgary Heating And Air Conditioning: Ductless Mini Split-system Air Conditioners

Calgary Heating And Air Conditioning: Ductless Mini Split-system Air Conditioners


In the last post, we talked about Split-system air conditioners and how cool they are (heh); however, they have one huge disadvantage and that is that unless you have a forced air or heat pump furnace, these split-system air conditioners cannot be hooked into your furnace. They require ducts which heating systems like hot water do not have. They are still not in wide use, but let’s take a look at them anyway because they are highly advantageous in the right situations.

Mini Split-system Air Conditioners Are Based On The Same Principles As The Central Split-system Air Conditioners, But Without Requiring Ductwork. They Have An Outdoor Unit Which Holds The Condenser/compressor And The Refrigerant Coil. The Indoor Unit Has The Evaporator And Fan To Blow Warm Or Cold Air Around The Room. The Two Are Connected Through A Small Hole In The Wall And Then Hooked Together. You Can Hook Up To Four Indoor Units To One Outdoor Unit, Making It Easier To Control The Temperatures In All The Major Rooms In The House. Each Unit Can Only Heat Or Cool One Room At A Time, But This Also Means That Each One Can Be Controlled Independently, In Case You Have A Family Member Who Likes A Room Very Warm Or Very Cool.

Aside from the greater flexibility in temperature control, ductless mini split-system air conditioners have some great advantages. One of the main ones is portability; these little guys can be moved around with greater ease and they aren’t as ugly as the window-box air conditioners tend to be. The lack of ducts means that they can be placed pretty well anywhere and they have very easy installation. Furthermore, the lack of ducts means there is no energy loss while the warm or cool air moves around; it goes straight from one unit to your room which can save you some money. Finally, mini split-systems are often energy star rated which can make you eligible for rebates and benefits.

BUT, ductless systems are a far cry from perfect. First, they aren’t in wide use, so finding a range of brands can be difficult, as can finding parts to fix them. This also means that it can be a lot harder to find people who are skilled in fixing them since they aren’t very common. Second, they are expensive; in fact, they are more expensive than the central split system air conditioners are (minus the ductwork). This means they are a fairly hefty investment and you should be sure that you will be able to get the maximum use out of them before you purchase them or that you really need them.

The best situations for ductless mini split-system air conditioner units is if you want good air conditioning in your home without the window air conditioners and you don’t have a forced air or heat pump style furnace. They are excellent for apartments, compound homes or simply places with a different style of heating. But if you have a forced air furnace, the normal split-system air conditioner is going to be your best bet.

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