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Calgary Plumbing: Calgary Valves To Prevent Back-flow

Calgary Plumbing: Calgary Valves To Prevent Back-flow


Hello all, Kyle here. In larger buildings, a common enough problem is that of back-flow. Back-flow is when water goes down the pipes and then comes back up somewhere else, causing contamination and pollution. The need for back-flow valves comes up when there are increased demands on the water supply or if the pipes freeze up. This reduces the pressure in the water tanks which then kicks water back into the water supply for a building instead of forcing it out of the area. A back flow valve can prevent the water from contaminating the clean supply again in places where there are lots of apartments or freezing temperatures-such as right here in Calgary.


There Are A Few Benefits And Some Definite Advantages To This System. First, A Back Flow Valve Can Operate As The Only Valve Throughout The Whole Building; It’s Efficient Enough At What It Does To Keep Clean Water Clean. The Valve Is Also Accessible And Located Near The Main Sewer Clean Out, So If Any Work Needs To Be Done, It Is Easy To Work With.


Other advantages to this system include:

  • The mainline backwater ball valve has an in-built sewer clean-out to ensure the sewer is completely rodded.
  • Since the mainline backwater ball valve is generally open, it allows for free sewage flow preventing the buildup of the same in the body of the valve.
  • The design also ensures that cleaning tools pass through without getting stuck at the gate.
  • The installation does away with clean-out assemblies, branch line valves and helps save on extra piping and labor.
  • Back-flow is prevented throughout the whole building, including branches that are often missed out.
  • Additional branches or fixtures may be attached to the system and will be automatically protected.


All in all, a good valve to prevent back flow also prevents a huge number of other potential problems like pipe damage, mucky clogs, and other messes which many plumbers get called in to fix. A back-flow valve is a great way to make your whole plumbing system more efficient and able to cope with larger than average loads.


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