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Calgary Plumbing: Water Jetting Tough Clogged Drains

Calgary Plumbing: Water Jetting Tough Clogged Drains

When it comes to plumbing problems, all drain clogs are not created equal. Sometimes they are relatively benign and can be dealt with easily. Other drain clogs are tougher, and will simply not go away without professional intervention. Still, other drain clogs in Calgary cause multiple backups in your home, if they occur in your main sewer line. In that case, professional help from ClearView is not only necessary, it will avert disaster.

With tough clogs in your home plumbing, the best solution is often to use a water jetter. Water jetting is a technique that involves the sustained pumping of jets of water at variable rates through the clogged pipe. This results in the total dislocation of a clog, as opposed to a traditional pipe de-clogger which simply pokes away at the material causing the clog. In that case, if there is debris left over, the clog can self-heal, especially if it is made of materials like grease or soap. Water jetting completely cleans pipes in an ecologically friendly way too.

Should your main sewer line be backed up, it might be due to roots infiltrating the pipe. In that case, if the pipe structure is intact, root killer products can be introduced into the pipe. If the pipe needs to be replaced due to damage, a certain length of pipe can be inserted into the problem area to burst and replace the original surrounding pipe. This can all be done by ClearView without digging up your yard.

Call ClearView for all your tough drain clogs – we’ll make them all disappear promptly and professionally.

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