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Plumbing 101 – Tackling a Clogged P-Trap

Plumbing 101 – Tackling a Clogged P-Trap

You’ve probably heard of a P-trap – it’s that P-shaped curl in the drain below the sink (and other plumbing fixtures) that acts as a water odour preventer. The P-traps main purpose is to prevent sewer gasses from escaping into your home.

The curved portion of the P-trap holds water and traps sewer gas. Water and waste travel downward through the P-trap with no problem, while sewer gasses stay where they belong, in the sewer and below the P-trap.

Unfortunately, the P-trap can also be a problem

Hair and soap scum can build and cause the drain clog at the curve. A blocked p-trap will cause water backflow to occur. The first sign that your p-trap is clogged is when the water in your sink takes longer than average to flow down the sink.

In the case of a clogged P-trap, it is best to place a small bucket under the trap with the water shut off. Using a large wench, the nut on the base of the trap should be loosened in order to disassemble the P-trap. Once the P-trap has been removed, the scum and dirt inside can be cleaned and-or removed. Jewelry and other valuables, or hair and grease, can all be extracted through this opening.

Trust us when we say you are not going to want to open the P-trap on your own. The many surprises that come out of it may be too much for you to handle. Another reason why you shouldn’t be opening the P-trap on your own is that you probably don’t know how to properly clean the P-trap. If the job is not properly done, it means another blockage is not too far away in the future.

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