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Properties of an Effective Drainage System

Properties of an Effective Drainage System

If your plumbing system is doing its job properly, it should dispose of liquid waste promptly and hygienically. Every fixture, including a wall-mounted tap, should have drainage facilities to prevent the accumulation of wastewater and spillage. Waste should be removed quickly from each fixture by a system of drainpipes that will prevent any further human contact or home damage from occurring.

Drainage systems should be of adequate size and easily cleaned

Drains should be designed, constructed and maintained to convey wastewater rapidly from the building without fouling, depositing solids or clogging. They should be furnished with adequate, easily accessible clean-outs or access chambers so that the pipes can readily be cleaned.

The drainage system should be equipped with liquid seal traps – Each fixture or group of fixtures that connect to the drainage system should be equipped with a liquid seal trap. The depth of liquid in each seal must be adequate to prevent the emission of odours and gases, and must prevent access by insects or rodents from the sewer to the premises.

Drainage systems should be ventilated – Every drainage system should be designed and constructed so that adequate quantities of air can circulate through every pipe, thus enabling the system to function properly and protecting the liquid seal of the traps. The uppermost part of the drainage system should be connected to a ventilating pipe of adequate size, discharging above roof level and positioned so that the return of foul air into the building is prevented.

Backflow should be prevented – Drainage systems should be designed and constructed so that sewage cannot enter buildings connected to the sewer system in the event of backflow from public sewers due to flood, blockage or any other cause.

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