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Should You Turn Off Your Furnace Pilot Light?

Should You Turn Off Your Furnace Pilot Light?

Nowadays, we’re all looking to save some money, aren’t we? We do things like cut coupons, walk or take transit to save on the gas, and turn off the lights in rooms we’re not using. But did you know that you can save seventy-four dollars or more during the summer on your heating bills with a two-minute job? Wow!

How the heck can you do this? How do you save ten or twelve dollars a month for something that takes two minutes? Shut off the furnace pilot light!


The pilot light of a furnace costs you about forty cents a day. Hey, that’s not much at all, but if you have five months where you don’t need artificial heating, that’s $12.00ish a month and a total of $60.00 saved over the five months. That may not seem like a ton of cash, but it all adds up in the end. Every bit of savings is a good thing.

It’s really easy to turn off your pilot light and requires no materials whatsoever. All you have to do is look for the valve in the gas line and then turn the handle so that it is angled at ninety degrees to the pipe. Done!

Turning the pilot light back on is just a matter of turning the handle parallel to the pipe and re-light the pilot flame as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Usually, this is just a matter of using a long lighter to light a flame to the gas outlet inside the furnace and holding down a button on the furnace to keep the gas flow consistent.

Done! And just by turning a valve handle, you’ve saved yourself upwards of $60.00 a year or more.

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