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Sump Pump Basics and Why You Need One

Sump Pump Basics and Why You Need One

In case you stay in an area of the country that is very flat in nature and has low elevation, or in a region with a very high water table, you run a high risk of flooding (like it often does in Calgary). There is a valid reason that these places are known as floodplains. Moreover, you must have already heard of people’s experiences or yourself experienced a situation of a flooded basement after heavy rains.

In fact, water doesn’t have to work too hard to cause some serious damage; even a few inches of it standing for some time can lead to damage worth thousands of dollars. The best way to avoid such a situation of a swamped sublevel, you consider investing in a good quality sump pump.

The sump pump carries out one single dedicated job – that is to pump out excess water collected in a place in your home. Although it may sound silly to spend money on something that does one single, simple task, please note that water gone wrong can be a serious threat to any home, regardless of its structure and solidity.

Here is what happens: there are tile drains that wrap all the way around a house. These drains capture surplus water resulting from heavy snow melts or excessive rainfall. When these tile drains get overloaded, they redirect the overflowing water to a central location called sump in the house’s basement. A sump is nothing but a well, more like a pit in the sub floor where water gets collected.

The overflowing water from the well may fill up the basement. The problem could also be with clogged drains around the house. They could be just be full with water and with them being located right next to the foundation, the water may start seeping through the fissures and cracks, into the basement. This is exactly where a sump pump comes into the picture. This pump forces the water into the city storm drain once it reaches a critical level in the sump.

We at ClearView Services are experts at sump pump repair and can even help you in purchasing the right one for your needs.

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