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We will take the time to evaluate your heating needs and help you determine the best solution for your home. Our experts will always make sure you receive honest recommendations and cost-effective solutions that leave you with the peace of mind you deserve!
Furnace not working? Whether you’re experiencing a lack of warm air, or your furnace is failing to work at all, contact our heating repair and replacement experts for the right solutions. We offer a full range of furnace services throughout Calgary, including:

Schedule Furnace Cleaning Services for Improved Indoor Air Quality

Routine furnace cleaning is an essential part of keeping your heating system running efficiently. Dust, dirt, allergens, and other pollutants can enter your heating system over time and affect the efficiency of your equipment as well as your indoor air quality. This is a particularly serious concern for more vulnerable household members who have chronic respiratory conditions, asthma, or allergies.

In order to keep your home environment clean and free of irritating airborne pollutants, regular furnace cleaning should be included as part of your overall home maintenance plan.

But as a busy homeowner, you don’t always have the time to carry out routine HVAC maintenance, or you may forget all about it amid your busy schedule.

This is where we come in. ClearView Services can help you get your heating equipment cleaned and maintained without hassle by providing you with maintenance scheduling alerts and custom maintenance plans to help you keep track of your HVAC tasks.

We only use the best equipment when it comes to cleaning your furnace and HVAC system. Our furnace cleaning services are guaranteed to be safe on your system while providing the comprehensive cleaning needed to keep your furnace operating efficiently.

Work With Our Calgary Furnace Repair Experts

Not only are furnace problems inconvenient, they can also drive up your energy bill as well as result in recurring repairs that can start to add up over time.

Don’t let an unexpected furnace issue disrupt your household for long. Reach out to our Calgary furnace repair professionals for immediate service. We will inspect your equipment carefully, identify the source of your heating problem, and discuss your options for furnace repair. Our experts will make every effort to provide you with repairs and extend the operating life of your furnace when possible.

Professional Furnace Installation in Calgary

If you have an old, outdated furnace that repeatedly breaks down, it will be more cost-effective to carry out a full system replacement rather than continually repairing your furnace. A new furnace will have higher standard AFUE ratings and will be able to provide you with greater energy efficiency—which means lower energy bills over time.

Our experts can help you find the right furnace for your home, making sure it’s sized properly, and carry out the new installation safely to ensure your long-term peace of mind.