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You rely on your furnace to provide uninterrupted comfort throughout the long winter. A broken furnace can quickly turn into an emergency situation, particularly in households with more vulnerable individuals.

If you suspect a problem with your furnace, contact our experts right away for immediate service. We will diagnose the problem and discuss repair or replacement options. If a full system replacement is recommended, we will present you with the best products for your home and provide you with a safe and accurate installation.

Get your furnace issues resolved quickly when you contact ClearView Services—we’ve got Calgary’s furnace and heating needs covered!

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Install a New Furnace and Enjoy Greater Energy Efficiency

An outdated furnace can leave you with recurring heating problems and high energy bills, as well as poor indoor air quality if your system hasn’t been well-maintained. Save on ongoing repair costs by having your system replaced instead. If you are prepared to move forward with a new furnace installation, contact our experts to schedule an assessment and learn more about your options.

New Furnace Cost

The cost to install a new furnace in your Calgary home will depend on several factors, including: your home’s energy source (gas or electric); the complexity of installation; and whether you select a standard or high-efficiency system.

Energy source: Whether you are planning on converting from oil to gas, or you are looking to install a standard electric furnace, our experts can help you set up the right furnace based on your preferred energy source.

Installation complexity: Older properties may need upgraded ventilation and other additional work to ensure the safe operation of your new furnace. We will discuss the details of the job upfront so you will have an understanding of the full scope of the project before we begin working on your system.

Standard vs. high-efficiency systems: We can help you install furnaces of all makes and models, ranging from standard entry-level units to high-efficiency systems with AFUE ratings of 90 percent or higher.

Our experts will assess your heating needs to size your new furnace and calculate the total cost of installation. There are no one-size-fits all solutions when it comes to furnace installation and replacement—every customer will have different needs and preferences that will affect the cost of service. This is why we will always take the time to evaluate your needs first before presenting you with an estimate.

Give us a call today to schedule an in-home assessment and receive an accurate, upfront project estimate.

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ClearView Services is committed to keeping you comfortable throughout the winter. Whether you need to replace your furnace or your system needs repair or a tune-up, you can count on our Calgary furnace experts to provide you with the quality solutions you need.

Let us provide you with a quality furnace installation so you can finally enjoy uninterrupted heating and greater energy efficiency. Call ClearView Services today to schedule furnace installation and replacement in Calgary.