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Have you been noticing unusual activity with your plumbing fixtures, such as your shower drain backing up when you flush the toilet? Are you struggling with several blocked drains in your home? These problems often point to backup in your main sewer line.

Sewer backups are caused by leaks, clogs, roots or damage in the sewer pipe—and can eventually lead to water damage in your home if the problem isn’t resolved in time. 

Contact ClearView Services to schedule professional inspection and cleaning. We provide safe and efficient sewer backup cleaning services for homeowners throughout Calgary. Give us a call today to book an immediate appointment with our experts!

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    Sewer Backup Cleaning in Calgary

    How does this work? Simply contact us to schedule sewer backup cleaning. If we can’t clear your main sewer line, the service is FREE. You heard that right! We promise to clear your sewer line—or it’s on us! 

    But that’s not all. We’ll include a sewer camera inspection as well. This allows us to get to the “root” of your problem and identify the cause of your sewer backup.

    You won’t find anyone else in Calgary offering a deal like this! Give us a call to schedule your no-risk sewer cleaning service today!

    Note: This offer is only available to residential clients, during regular business hours, and will require easy access to your sewer.

    Signs You Have a Sewer Backup

    • More than one drain in your home is clogged or slow to drain
    • You hear gurgling sounds coming from your shower/tub drain after flushing
    • Your sink backs up when you’re using the washing machine
    • The clog in your toilet persists even after you’ve tried the plunger
    • You notice foul odours coming from your drains
    • Sewage is escaping from the cleanout pipe

    Don’t let a sewer backup lead to additional problems. If you notice the warning signs above,  don’t hesitate to contact our experts at ClearView Services for immediate solutions

    Identify the Cause of the Problem With a Camera Inspection

    The most effective way to resolve a sewer backup is to locate the source of the problem by performing a sewer camera inspection. We will insert a flexible cable into the main sewer line, with a small high-definition camera attached. 

    The camera inspection can help us identify the following problems in your main sewer line:

    • Buildup (grease, sludge, or corrosion)
    • Tree root intrusion
    • Sewer pipe decay
    • Sewer pipe leaks or cracks

    Once we’ve identified the cause of your sewer issue, we can present you with a more accurate solution. Our service experts will go over everything upfront before they perform any work on your plumbing system, including the details of the job and pricing. You are always in charge of the work you want done.

    Problem With Your Main Sewer Line?

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