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Radiant Heating Systems

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Experience Toasty Toes Year-Round With In-Floor Radiant Heating

Unlike forced air heating systems, like furnaces, radiant heaters do not heat air to distribute throughout a home. Instead, they apply heat directly to floor or walls, and that heat then radiates out into the living space. There are two main types of radiant heat systems: a hydronic heating system, which circulates water heated by a boiler throughout the house via a system of tubing, or an electric system, which uses electric cables to generate heat. Both of these systems have very few moving parts to break down, and you won’t have to worry about indoor air quality or energy efficiency issues due to leaky ductwork.

In-Floor Radiant Heating Advantages

There is nothing quite like radiant floor heating. It has been used for 1000’s of years! Radiant floor heating provides homeowners unsurpassed comfort and unmatched energy efficiency, and has become the single fastest growing segment in the heating industry. When you install a radiant heating system, the entire floor’s surface area essentially becomes a low temperature radiator. People and objects making contact with the floor are warmed directly by these in-floor heating systems. In addition, the floor acts as a radiator by warming all the surfaces in that room, which eliminates roughly 80% of a room’s heat loss.

The following are some of the many benefits of radiant floor heating:

Electric Radiant Floor Heating in Calgary

Whether electrical radiant floor heating mats or cables are the proper solution for your in-floor heating needs ClearView Services technicians have the experience and knowledge necessary to properly install a system that works beautifully and lasts for many years. Electrical radiant floor heating can typically be installed with your existing electrical system and requires little to no ongoing maintenance.

Hydronic Radiant Floor Heating in Calgary

This water-based system of radiant floor heating uses piping that’s laid underneath your flooring, which safely circulates hot water from a residential boiler throughout a specified area. Once water begins to cool it returns to the boiler where it’s reheated and sent back out to warm your space.


The piping used is leak-resistant, non-toxic, and very durable. This type of radiant floor heating system uses a closed loop which means water is reused over and over again. The various components of the system are pumps, hot water heaters, and other controls. Most radiant floor heating solutions are covered under a 25-year warranty and typically last at least 50 years with regular use.

Install Radiant Heating Today!

ClearView Services has been serving the Calgary area since 1996 with professional heating services. We’ll come to your home, evaluate your space, and provide you with affordable options for your new radiant in-floor heating system. We’ll also provide you with a timeline for how long we think it will take in order to properly install and configure your new radiant floor heating.