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Service Rates & Upfront Pricing

Get Multiple Repair Options at Prices Within Your Comfort Zone.

Trust Us. You're Going To Like What You Hear

When you were a small child you were probably taught not to take candy from strangers, and to always get multiple quotes on any home repair jobs.
We understand that, which is why all of our quotes are prepared and provided by experienced, licensed technicians.


When we make a quote–we stand by it, we guarantee it, and if you don‘t like our work, you don‘t pay for it.
Our customers think that‘s a pretty good way to do business.
That’s probably the reason they come back to us time and again.


But, now that we‘ve told you what we do, let‘s tell you what we don‘t do.
We do not give prices over the phone.
Reason? It‘s impossible to give an accurate price when we haven‘t actually seen the problem up-close-and-personal.
We‘re not the guys who tell you that it‘s going to cost $50 then slap you with a $500 bill.
We know it happens, but we don‘t do business that way. We never have and we never will.
We‘ll come out, examine the problem and give you several quote options in writing, ranging from immediate quick-fix to longer-term solutions
You‘ll find that quote reasonable.
You‘ll find our technicians clean, polite, thoroughly experienced and true professionals.

If you think hiring a quality plumber is expensive--just wait until you hire a cheap one.