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Thank you!
Your service has always been reliable, professional,and friendly.
Rural folks can depend on you, as We have for more than 30 years, for both our property and others.
If you say you’re coming – you show up- or you promptly let us know of any delays!
AND do a fantastic job.
We’d asked for certain day & hours, as our neighbour has a B&B, didn’t want to cause issues with septic removal smells for them. YOU DELIVERED!
Thank you.
The Jackson’s.

Robert Jackson


I had furnace venting replaced. This company is efficient and very professional. You know who is coming to do the work and given notice of when they’ll arrive. Heinz was very knowledgeable, professional, was not bothered by all my questions. He gave full explanations, reasons why, and great advice on maintenance care. He showed that he cared about what he was doing and was very efficient in getting the work done quickly. I highly recommend this company and Heinz.

Elsa Krienke


Arrived on time and did a quick and efficient replacement of my kitchen sink faucet. Also took the time to further explain the operation of the water softener installed on the last visit.
Richard was friendly and knowledgeable. Great service!

Marybeth Morrow


Barry was confident that they would be able to clear our plumbing issue however when our problem exceeded his experience, he didn’t just quit and walk away. He called his supervisor and consulted with him to find a solution.
I am confident that Clearview Plumbing knows what they are doing even when they come across a unique situation.



Heinz was professional and honest. He gave me options and the price. The price was the price and there were no extra charges. He worked on a boiler system that was having issues. He flushed and cleaned system and everything is back up and running. When he was finished he asked if I had any question. I look forward to him coming back to service this system again.

Curtis W


June 2022 update – Jon Dianocky and his apprentice removed and replaced a complicated Wye fitting and toilet flange to stop a leak on the second floor of our commercial building. The cast iron pipe and fittings were tucked deep in the ceiling between the first and second floors, which meant that most of the work was completed from the top of a 12’ ladder. On a difficulty scale of 1-10, this was easily a 9.5 rating. Jon and company went the extra mile not to damage the surrounding structure in the ceiling (the building is 111 years old), which added to the degree of difficulty. I really appreciate the fact that they were not looking to take shortcuts to finish the job faster (and it was even on a Friday night!). Even though the job took much longer than quoted, Clearview services stuck to their original quote. If you are looking for a plumbing partner that is competent and honest, then give Clearview a call.

John from ClearView Services is a special kind of service technician – he blends the best parts of being prompt, friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. We recently purchased a commercial property where the previous owners neglected preventive maintenance on the plumbing, heating, and air conditioning systems. We have been going through different service providers trying to find one that would A) Show Up, and B) Take care of our systems for a reasonable cost. After 5 No-Shows by other companies, John from ClearView Services in Calgary showed up on time (a few minutes early!!!!! BONUS!), was super friendly, completed the AC system assessment like a boss, and took the time to go over all the repair and PM options. He made sure I understood everything so I could make an informed decision about how to proceed with the repairs. He even walked me through some steps I can do as an owner to keep my systems running smoothly in between service intervals. Technicians like John are few and far between and, based on how awesome he was while on site, I look forward to working with ClearView Services for all my building’s HVAC and Plumbing needs! If you are looking for a quality plumbing or HVAC repair or support technician in Calgary, then I highly recommend ClearView Services. These guys actually show up when they are scheduled to, and that really sets them apart from their competition!

Jim Morris


Clearview was excellent to deal with. Very professional in their approach and the picture sent of the plumber before hand is an excellent idea. Richard was great to deal with. He gave me different options to resolve the problem.

Rick Pultz


Our hot water tank blew and fortunately we noticed right away. We called Clearview Services late in the evening and we were answered right away. We were kept in the loop throughout the entire experience and Gabe Colpitts was the service technician who visited the next morning. He was very professional and spent the time to explain and educate the different options that were available. We were up and running with hot water the very next day.

mike mario


I am extremely thankful to have called. John Fenning from the team came to visit us, and help us diagnose a series of issues we’ve had with our sewer drain. He called ahead of time, shared his location on a map, arrived on time and on short notice.

He ran a camera down, explaining how our drains are working together (which also explained a lot about our past problems) before showing us great clear video of roots growing in from the city side of our drain system in several spots – and explained well what the options are.

Thanks to him, the repair will be performed by the city. More importantly though, I felt like he was honest / transparent but also very passionate about his work. We discussed their training systems, techniques and equipment – and he shared with me how much he, and the owner of the company, are investing in skills, knowledge and learning.

I felt listened to. I felt validated. I felt the problem was identified with resolutions short term and long term. I felt like this is someone who you can trust and will always be honest.

On the more social side, he was great with our dog, and great with customer service. He is exceptional in his field, and I absolutely will only ever use them again.

Lloyd Summers


Clearview was an amazing company to deal with from the point of first contact until the last of the home visit.
The phone/booking staff was kind, friendly and empathetic to my issue that I was calling about. He figured out a way to get someone to come and see us the very next day.
I got email and text confirmations that we were booked in for the next day and we would get a call when the tech was on his way. We received a call from Barry (our plumber) on Saturday morning to let us know he was 30 minutes away. Barry then sent an email giving us info about him so we knew who was coming to our home. Also in the email was a link to track his whereabouts so we could be at home and available upon his arrival.
Barrry came in and introduced himself and went right into assessing what the problem could be. He came down with a quote to fix the problem, he made it clear that there may be additional costs based on what he finds after lifting the toilet off the seal. This was great because there was never any surprising “extra” costs. Once the toilet was off and he was able to assess the problem better there was more extensive work that needed to be done and he quoted us the additional cost before he proceeded with any work so that we understood clearly what he found the issue to be and what he needed to do to fix it.
After the work was done, the problem rectified and we had finalized payment, Barry showed us some pictures of what he found and he discovered some shoty work from the original builders instal and he fixed that so it met code at no extra charge.
All in all, not what we were hoping to spend money on today but absolutely worth calling and working with Clearview. We highly recommended this family owned company and the amazing employees that work here.

Kathy MacIntyre


The quality and the customer service they provide are top notch! Jon is very friendly, knowledgeable and reliable. I became a Clearview family member this week and I am very happy with my choice!

Flavia G


John came out to review our heating and AC set-up. He was very knowledgeable and patient as he walked us through the various units and proposed maintenance program. Would highly recommend.

Lucas Tomei


Can’t say enough about the great service I received from Heinz regarding some concerning alerts we got on our Ecobee Smart Thermostat yesterday. I felt cared for and trusted that he was focused on the necessary followup to assure our safety. Heinz is very good at his job.

Kim Koch


This is the 2nd time that Richard has been here (not about the same problem), and as before he was very professional, quickly found the source the problem, made several suggestions/options available, allowed us to make an ‘informed decision’ as to an immediate solution, quickly made the necessary repairs and was done quickly and with little to no interruption. He was, once again, very friendly and explained, in detail, what the problem was and what he was doing as he made the repairs.
The quick response time, excellent service and the cheerful professionalism of both Richard and my initial contact, is the reason why I wholeheartedly use and recommend ClearView Services!

Patrick Farnum


I felt the company is oriented on quality of customer service , they send me the track link when dispatch the plumber , and the plumber is super on time too . I really appreciate Richard , he is supper patient to help me find out what is the best solution, focus on customer’s interest . Thank you again , I will definitely use your service again when I having plumbing problems, which I hope it will never happen.

Jing Huang


Barry was fantastic. Explained the steps that would be required to detect the leak and then proceeded with the work. He was professional and managed to fix our issue same day. He left our home clean and tidy before leaving. Overall very happy.

Jonathan Wilson


With Christmas coming and our hot water tank 30 years old we felt it was time to replace or upgrade because of the only luke warm water we had. Jon from Clearview gave us estimates and pros/cons of all their offerings. We upgraded to their tankless with water softener for the energy savings and to reduce the hard water problems in Calgary. Due to an business emergency Jon was called away and Danny came to finish the installation, after a short collaboration Danny took over and finished the installation. There were minor delays due to access between joists, the extreme cold weather for the outside work and our floor heat system. We also save some floor space and headroom with the ductwork rearranged. Danny solved all the problems and worked hard until early evening. He cleaned up all tools and materials and gave us a lesson on the customer maintenance and controls.
A job well done by both Jon and Danny.

Jay Drager


Both Chad and Gerry came to help with installing my new thermostat. They surveyed and had it done in around an hour after running new line from the furnace. Chad did not have the parts required, but he got in touch with Gerry right away to come complete the job.

Tricky D


Drake Ahern did an awesome job cleaning the ducts. Was very friendly and professional. Worked hard and paid attention to all the details. I’d definitely have him back next time.

David Dickinson


Barry did a great job in replacing a leaking Hot Water tank. Just a bit shocked at how much the cost of a new tank has increased over the years. We would certainly use ClearView for future jobs.

Ken Stowell


Jon was on time and dispatch team did their best to get him to the property to do an inspection on leaking pipes and backup sewer system. Jon then immediately got another job into the system to have a deeper inspection of the entire system to determine where the blockage was.

David Crawford


Had them update and install our infloor heating two zones, and add tank less hot water on demand and install a water softner. Our technician was very professional kept his work area tidy, cleaned up after himself. He also wiped down all the equipment used including piping and tubing. He was friendly, kept us informed on his progress. You could tell he enjoys what he does… great job Thank you 😊 so much.

Carol Hill